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Major product:Hybrid1,3-dichloropropylene|1,3-dichloropropylene oil slick
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Yueyang Yunxi, Daoren Rocky Solvent Chemical Factory Yueyang Yunxi, Daoren Rocky Solvent Chemical Factory was founded in 1993. It is located in Jilong Chemical Industrial Park, Daoren Rocky Town, Yunxi District, Yueyang, China.The registered capital is 10 million RMB and the fix capital is 28 million yuan and the net asset value is 16 million yuan. The number of employee is 68 and 26 of them are technologists. It has employs one professor who has been to Japan to study. The factory is located in the beautiful famous townYueyan. It is at the bank of Dongting Lake and the south of it is Beijing to Guangzhou railway, No. 107 and No. 108 national road. It is only 20 km from Yueyang Railway station and Chengling Rocky Harbor. The transportation is convenient and the technology power is strong and the equipment is excellent.
For years, the factory has involved in the production of antimycotic pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticides intermediates. The main products are; 1,3-dichloropropyleneseries products and 1,2-dichloropropane. The 1,3-dichloropropylene is ?antimycotic series pharmaceutical intermediates ,which can be used as the Terbinafine intermediates. (Hybrid)1,3-dihydro-propylene ?can be used as the soil fumigant and soil insecticide directly,or the raw amterial of "Dorlone", "Nemagon" new type insecticide and so on. 1,2-dichloropropane is a kind of great organic solvent which can replace the xylene . It can be used for paints, thinner, Benzene Banana Water, printing ink, adhesive agent and dyeing and so on.
In order to meet the need of the chemical market and to ne one of the national market members, the factory keep on enlarging its business scale and it has got great achievement in the production of high purity products and the highest content can be more than 99%. It owns 8 sets of 28 layers column plate and 5 sets of 36 layers column plate distillation unit equipment. It can provide all contents of? (hybrid)1,3-dichloropropylene4000 tons/year,(anti-form)1,3-dichloropropylene600 tons/year,1,2-dichloropropane6000 tons/year.
Since the foundation of the factory, the factory is active in guiding the factory with market and stick to the road that: to seek survival from quality; to seek benefit from management; to seek market from credit; to seek development from science and technology. Our goal is to be perfect and honest to embrace 21st century. The factory will keeps to the management philosophy that: quality first; credit first; customers first. We are aim to win the trust with great quality and price. The factory welcomes all the friends both at home and abroad to seek mutual benefit and embrace a bright future!